Invisalign Salt Lake City Clear Braces

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If you know that you need braces to straighten your teeth, but you’re uncomfortable about wearing a mouth full of metal, you should know that there is now an alternative to metal braces, and they are available in Salt Lake City, Utah. Invisalign® is a new and innovative method that people are using to align their teeth; Invisalign is now the “invisible braces” alternative.

Invisalign® treatment uses removable and clear teeth aligners as opposed to metal aligners. The aligners are clear plastic and virtually invisible. Every two to four weeks you receive a new aligner. Each aligner moves your teeth littly by little until you reach the desired results. If Invisalign sounds like an attractive solution for you, Dental Designs of Salt Lake City can provide you with this new and exciting alternative to metal braces.

With Invisalign® you can straighten your teeth in as little a 5 months! This is much faster than regular metal braces, for which treatment can typically last over two years. The actual Invisalign treatment period, however, will largely depend upon the severity of your alignment case and the degree of patient compliance. So the treatment period will vary according to how regularly the patient keeps the aligners in his or her mouth each day.

The cost of Invisalign® largely depends on the number of aligners the patients requires and the length of the treatment period. However, the cost of Invisalign is often more affordable than metal braces! Another important advantage of Invisalign is better hygiene. For more information, simply go to


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