The Rise And Evolution of Job Search Engines

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The rise and evolution of job search engines seems to be endemic of our times. Most market forces are based upon need, and it is an unfortunate fact that the need for employment search is increasing due to the many redundancies and company closures that are happening around the world in our current recession. This means that job search websites are appearing in greater number to meet that demand.

Historically, job search engines were generally owned and run by the bigger employment agencies. Although these search engines were not specific to their own agency, they were a vehicle for the vacancies they currently had on their books. However the growth in this web specific area has meant that there are now job search engines that have no connection to an employment agency. They exist purely on the web.

What has happened, and this is to be expected really, is that there are now job search engines that are specific to particular segments of industry or skill sets. This can be really useful to the job hunter as employer focus and a particular site as a whole is pointing towards the job you are looking for. Although, in some cases this does mean that there will be far less jobs to look at than will be found on a more generalistic job search website.

Most job search websites offer a free job search service to the user. As part of the service you can upload a CV or Curriculum Vitae and this can be viewed by prospective employers. This also makes application for a position or vacancy easy as you simply forward your uploaded CV with a covering letter to the prospective employer or employment agency that is handling the vacancy.

The better job search websites have an automated service that e mails you a receipt of your submitted CVs and also updates you on progress of your application for a vacancy.

Using such career search engines you can also customise search criteria and then can be sent the latest uploaded jobs in the field of your experience. These updates arrive by e mail and you can apply for the listed jobs by simply clicking on a link in the e mail and forwarding on your uploaded CV.

One downside of the rise in quantity of both those looking for jobs and websites catering for those searching is that the volume of traffic has increased dramatically. This means that those advertising jobs often do not keep in touch with those using the service and it can seem like your applications have disappeared into a void. You should not be disheartened by this but persevere with your applications.

Job search engines have really improved over time, giving in general a much better service for both prospective employers and prospective employees.


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