Helpful Tips For When Influenza Strikes

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Stay away from dairy products

Dairy products are not always a wise choice when suffering from influenza. Dairy product may cause more chest congestion. Dairy products in my opinion just make the flu last longer. I’m suffering from influenza right now. I had been eating more dairy products than I probably should have. Now, I’m staying away from dairy until I start to feel a lot better. I feel this might have been the reason why my congestion got worse.

 Drink electrolyte drinks

Drinks that are filled with electrolytes are great to help hydrate the body when someone is suffering from influenza. Smart water is the best choice in my opinion. I like smart water, because it has no sugar, like other drinks that have electrolytes in them.

 Eat Soups

Soups are a comfort food whenever we are sick. Chicken noodle soup of any brand tends to sooth a cough, and sour throat, even if it’s only for a short time. Chunky soups may help some suffers, while it may aggravate others due to its texture. Soup is good for what ails you. Choose the one that is best for you, and have a moment to breathe a little easier. Influenza suffers know too well when they have found something to help their flu symptoms. They want to savor the moment.

 Hot and cold compresses

Many people suffering from influenza have had success by using cold compresses. Hot compress give the suffer the feeling of warmth that will give them hope for their discomfort. I tried both types of compresses. The one that helped me the most for my watery eye was the cold compress. Just try placing it gently over your eyes for a moment of relief.

The hot compress helped me the best when my ear was hurting. I would heat it up, and wrap it in a towel, and lay my ear on top of it. It sure did feel good while it lasted. Make sure the compress isn’t too hot. You wouldn’t want to fall asleep and wake up with a burnt ear.


Place a warm sock cap on your head. Yes, even while your walking around your house. or while your in bed. It’ll help you feel a lot warmer when you’re freezing all over. My husband does this when he’s real sick. I tried this, and it does work.

See your doctor

Don’t wait too long to visit your doctor if you think you have influenza. Pay close attention to your fever, any ear pains, chest congestion, or headache symptoms. If these symptoms last too long, your health could be in more danger.

Influenza hit me harder than ever before. These tips may help your ailments not be as bad as mine. I pray God blesses all who reads this a speedy recovery.

Few other tips

Try gargling with salt water if you have a sore throat. Try using a sinus pot to help with nasal congestion too. 


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