Thai Food

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Thai Food

Thai food is very famous in the world today. Food is everywhere in Thailand. Now adaways Thai people are not cooking food at home. Food shops and stalls everywhere on road specially. Thai people after back from Office they dinner out, have lunch out and breakfast as well.

There are many kinds of Thai food which a tourist could love to taste. Thai food are very spicy and some Sweet. Foods and foods everywhere foods. Thai people enjoy foods any where they like. They have many countries supplies as well and sea food is also very well known through out the world.Thailand is Theravada Buddhist country and in the morning Thai people Offer Thai food to Monks when the monks go to alms-round. Thai people are always kind and devoted to offer and ready to give anything what they have for the people who dont have anything to eat. they try to give more than what they do have in their houses.

MOnks are the heart of Thai people and when monks are highly respected then they too offer the food so much to  Thai monks and all monks.

Thailand has the food centre of thw world which they supply different kinds of Food such as Chinese, Macdonald, Indian, Korea, Japanese, khmer and many other


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