Equip Your RV With Solar Panels

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Are you environmentally conscious? Do you enjoy seeing the world in your RV? Have you wondered if there is another alternative to using your generator while in camp? Yes, there is. The solution is a solar kit for your RV that can be positioned on the roof of the RV. Any RV that has an area on its roof large enough to place the solos unit can be fitted for a solar panel.

To charge the batteries in your RV, you can either run your engine or run your generator. Solar panels give you another way to charge these batteries. If you buy a large enough wattage solar kit, you can also power lights and other electrical appliances in your RV. You will still need to hook up to the 110 volt outlet at camp.

In order to buy your solar panel you will need to determine the wattage your RV uses per week. If your wattage is determined to be 115, you will need to buy a system costing around $500. You will save this back by not having to buy gas for your generator. More important, you will no longer need to run the generator while you are in camp, especially at night. There will be no more noise and fumes coming from your campsite.

The RV kit is pretty simple. It comes with the solar panels, mounts, input and output cables and a controller to prevent overcharging of your batteries. Your kit can also be removed from the roof later on if you choose to do this.

Solar power works best in sunlight, but your solar panels still always receive some light from sun even on a cloudy day. The solar panels are also able to store up energy, so while you will still need to bring your generator, you should not have to use it very often.

By using your solar panels, you will be leaving a smaller footprint on the environment that you are camping in. Solar panels require minimal maintenance and the current kits will last you for years.

This, when combined with the long term savings on fuel, leave the average RV user with really few reasons to not install solar panels in an RV. And, as we all know, the cost of fuel keeps rising, where as your solar panels will be already paid for. With lower costs for using your RV, you will be able to also travel more often. It is time to upgrade your RV to solar!


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