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The basic matter to understand is that you can get nearly any option that you may possibly think of on a vinyl replacement window. The next idea to realize is that offering options costs a manufacturer money, specifically in terms of manufacturing floor space and inventory. Any options other than minimal color choices will rarely be found in the low dollar window products. But even along with those manufacturers that offer other options, a number of of the warranties and extra lead times point to a “me too” mentality that basically says ‘I want to be able to say I have it, but I really don’t want to sell it.” in addition, the warranties on these options will furnish you further insight as to the quality of the option itself.

Color choices are the most commonly requested option for replacement windows. Recently, some manufacturers have started offering a paint option. Several years ago I owned a painting contractors company, and I remember hearing about a paint that was going to be able to cover pvc without cracking or peeling. I was suspect then, and I remain hesitant at this point as nearly all manufacturers that offer a painted option have dropped their color warranties to 10 years in most cases and don’t cover fading. Your best bet would be a vinyl replacement window with several color combinations, with interior woodgrains, that has the color co-extruded (basically mixed in) with the vinyl itself. By the way these are typically the only manufacturers that offer a warranty against their color fading.

Blinds sandwiched between the panes of glass are a further often requested option. A number of manufacturers state, for illustration, up to 30% of the sliding glass doors that are shipped from their facilities boast this expensive, yet beautiful option. Again look for some sort of lifetime warranty on the blinds.

A self cleaning glass option could be good for persons not wanting to deal with cleaning the exteriors of their replacement windows, or maybe having windows that would have to be cleaned from a ladder.

Ask the sales representative for the options that you are even somewhat taking into consideration. Their responses will begin to grant you an insight to the cost, and quality, of the replacement window you are considering buying.


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