You Can Make CD Cleaning Solution Yourself

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It is common to see children dig through the collection of DVD’s while eating candy and ice cream. This is true in most homes and with children at home it is expected that you will have to clean the CD or DVD when you want to watch a movie or listen to music. It becomes important to clean them before playing them. Fortunately I have worked for a number of years in support group of a CD manufacturing company and have learned the most convenient and simple techniques to clean discs and get even the ones which have stopped working to work again. Mentioned below is my favorite and a very easy to make solution and method for cleaning discs.

  • Combine some drops of dishwashing soap in a big bowl of water. It is as simple as this and you dot require any costly commercial cleaning solution or any plastic washing tool for cleaning the discs. You must be thinking how it can be so simple and also work. In fact this solution works very well in most cases.

  • Dip a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the disc with it by beginning from the inner centre and moving on to the outer borders of the disc. Make sure that you don’t rub hard or in a circular manner. Avoid rubbing around the disc as this may scratch the disc and you will have a problem which can’t be repaired.

  • Use soft dry cloth to dry the disc and this wiping should also be done from the interior to the exterior, straight outwards. If you go around the disc it may develop scratches which will run parallel to the tracks.

Now you may be thinking why is it that the afore mentioned solution works generally? It is seen that most of the discs particularly the ones which are rented, problems in  playing comes due to fingerprints on the CDs and DVDs. Our fingerprints tend to leave oil and all dishwasher soaps have been developed to cut into and eliminate oil. In case this technique does not work for you, it is possible that you have a disc which has a sever scratch or it is also possible that there is a scratch on the side which has the label on the disc. It is possible at times to repair scratched discs with the CD scratch removal solutions or you have some services for CD repair.

It is true that dishwasher soap with water does not repair scratches but they can make the discs playable.


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