Back Links And Free Traffic, With Forum Marketing And Yahoo! Answers

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Yahoo and Forum answers, Similar Methods for increasing your traffic

While there are those professionals who may sneer at today’s topics as grey hat, there is certainly nothing inherent in the procedures themselves that would be considered illegal, although you may be somewhat sneaky in their employment. There is a great deal of similarity between the execution of these methods,  the major difference being the platform upon which you apply the technique, along with the warm up process for a proper forum signature.You will need a range of both profile and signature combinations, in order to execute either technique properly. Having more than one web page to send your anchor text too is helpful also.

The process of forum marketing is a very easy procedure. 

The first step is to go either to the big board or other forum boards specific to your niche market, and sign up using an alias just for that forum. Once you have registered, activate and log in to your new account and start responding to some posts creating a generic signature that anchors to a site that is not your primary objective, to keep from being harmed, should you be flagged as a spammer due to some rookie errors.Next go ahead and write your first posts, the introductory and as many as you need to meet the minimum to apply your signature. While some posts automatically will include your signature, others will leave it as your option to include it. Make  sure you don’t post on a sticky post, and that there are only a few replies preceding yours. In this way you can be sure that the thread will fizzle over a short time. Annotate your posting record on excel. Wait for 10 to 14 days and then go back to your initial posts and update your signature so that it contains one of your keywords in anchor text that redirects to your site. Save your signature, and move on to another forum. Then just lather, rinse and repeat. Take care to comment relevantly and intelligently where you post, in order to avoid having someone cite you as a spammer and report you for having your site in your signature. That is the reason you are waiting two weeks to change your signature link, so that the link is deeply buried and you won’t get flagged as a spammer.

You will use a very similar method to work in Yahoo! Answers. The objective is very simply to post relevant answers to questions based on keyword phrase specific questions within your niche for a specific website or affiliate offer. Except you are going to either create and answer questions, or just answer questions based on keywords in your target niche. Your purpose is universal, what you want to make sure that you do is leave either a deep link or home page link in raw URL format in the answer source box, so that you can get traffic and a back link.You can answer your own questions by setting up two accounts and posting from one IP and answering with another profile from another IP. It is my preference, however, to just provide good answers to keyword targeted questions. Under the question generation and answer category, which some consider either grey or black hat, you will have to not only create multiple accounts, but answer from different wireless locations, in order to disguise your IP identity. One suggestion that seems noteworthy for disguising this effort is to answer multiple questions including your own using that signature. My preferred method of approaching this technique is to utilize multiple alias profiles, in conjunction with responding to multiple keyword specific questions, using URLs to my website or affiliate offers in the source box. I learned this technique from the creators of one of my affiliate offers, as well as learning how to use software to enhance this effort. You can find further information on these topics at EliKen Marketing.


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