Floor Requires Cleaning And Caring Also

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It has been said truly by someone that it is not enough only to have something good. The significance and attraction of having it can only be seen when you maintain it by way of keeping it clean. This holds true for the floor also. You will be able to maintain the floor in a better way when it is cleaned technically in a way which is most suitable.

Some Fundamental tips for cleaning the floor:

With the impenetrable quality of the floors, it is quite simple to maintain cleanliness. In most cases the polish does not stick to the floor surface. The main things which you need to do is dust mopping, vacuuming and at times you may need a damp towel to clean it up further. Most of the floor brands come with a 10 to 25 year warranty in the house against fading, staining and wearing off.  They have been designed to look attractive for a number of years without working very hard at maintaining them.

How to go ahead with the cleaning:

There are floors of particular kinds which are supposed to take a lot of wear and tear. They will continue looking as good as new if some simple procedures are followed.

  • You can dust mop or vacuum to remove grit and loose dirt

  • Avoid flooding the floor; instead use a damp mop which wrings off the water to clean the floor.

  • When you damp mop change water as and when needed.

  • Avoid using waxes and polish 

  • Do not use abrasives, steel wool or scour powder to clean the floor.

  • Make sure you wipe up all spills immediately.

  • Don’t allow any liquid to stay on the floor for long, even the water bowl of your pets.

Ways to fight dirt:

Most of us realize that dirt is the main enemy of clean floors. When we walk over it often, it can result in fine scratch which leads to dullness and if there are bigger dust or sand particles they can even cause scratches which can be seen. You can do a few things to avoid these problems with the floor.

  • You can place glides or bottom protectors under the table and chair legs to avert any probable scratching

  • You must keep floor mats as well as foot brushes to catch dirt on all the entrances of the entrance doorways.

  • Try to do regular dust mopping and vacuuming so that the gravel does not remain on the floor.

In case the floor gets scratched it is possible to purchase a touch up stick from the floor manufacturer.  Make sure that your floor shines and dirt does not make its home on your floor. Clean and care for your floor smartly.


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