Credit Card Thieves

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In my recent post here in Bukisa, I have mentioned “red colored people” on the internet who are hovering over your head each time you open a browser; people whose teeth are sharp and pointed; have tails and a pair of horn. Most of the time they are holding that sharp pointed fork, ready to snatch your pocket with your hard-earned cash. They are the “internet devils”.

Today I read from Yahoo Finance an account of a former credit card thief. How he managed to easily get into the credit card accounts of his prey with his very simple tool and methods. He is making a living out of it and doing it was simple. But finally he gave in himself voluntarily (maybe conscience) to the authorities who weren’t able to trace him for years, until he voluntarily did so.

But did we know that more than half of the so-called “internet gurus” in the web are “credit card thieves”?

Ok, have you tried purchasing a program that promised you a quick earning, downloaded it, studied the step-by-step instruction, then at the middle of your installation, you need to buy an add-on product in order for the program to work? If not, huh! you’re lucky.

How about an instant viral marketing program that looks complete, but leaves you hanging in the middle because, there is “one” step missing that you didn’t even know what since when you go to the next step, you suddenly realized that there must be something missing that you should do. Then you contact support, right? And the support doesn’t come…then you made a follow-up….the answer came!!!!Alleluia, but after 48 hours!

Ok, but wait…the support doesn’t come as an answer but a question like this, “Please tell us what did you do and what particular activity you were doing so that we can help you further…Thank you. Support Team.”

With all the grace from heavens! But first of all, try to read back their promotions and promises. Wow, even the greatest sinner would knell and say, “Oh, Lord, this is the program I have been looking for.”

Now people, try to read again your emails that will send you to a squeeze page, with a photo of a couple happily spending their butts in an exclusive beach, and with mind-boogling figures of earning they are writing. Hmmmnnn, really yummy, huh!

So tell me, what do you call these people?

Tomorrow, their strategies that you’ve already read maybe a million times.


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