Did You Know That Cuckoo Clocks Originated in Germany?

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Black Forest in Germany is known to be the originator of clock making with plenty of wood and time in their hands. The initial clocks which were grafted here were quite primitive but were an excellent alternative to the sundials hourglasses used in those days. The initial parts were the wooden toothed wheels and typically the weights were made of stones. They designed the pendulum from wood known as Waag.

With the passage of time people of Black Forest turned into artisans and a few got skilled in wood carving while others made clocks. There were some people who excelled in clock painting and some manufactured chains and toothed wheels.

Cuckoo clocks have originated from the relaxed Black Forest but now have become popular around the world because of its uniqueness. There have been many refinements in the original cuckoo clock design and now you see the recognizable scene of a birdhouse or chalet.

From 1738, cuckoo clocks production was centralized in Black Forest, particularly in Triberg and Neustadt region. There are many who think that the cuckoo clocks originated in Switzerland. This confusion can be because there were other models of the cuckoo clocks in the adjacent regions. They were there for some time and maybe from before the cuckoo clock.

When you see a cuckoo clock you will find a pendulum built into it typically. As it was conceptualized the cuckoo will come out after the gong struck. The cuckoo clocks are differentiated by billows and whistles which imitate the call of the cuckoo birds. The design of a simple cuckoo clock is mostly conventional, where the bird pops out of the openings and it has a rustic pattern with some natural elements such as leaves and animals. Most cuckoo clocks hang on the walls and are mostly designed inside wooden boxes.

When the clock strikes, the bird which is concealed inside the cuckoo clock comes out from the trap door and goes in immediately after the clock has struck the hour. When you see a regular cuckoo clock, it will come with a bird which moves each time the clock strikes. This mechanism takes place with an arm which gets lifted from the rear of the carving. Generally the cuckoo clocks are designed to play musical tunes available in the musical box prior to the hour striking. 


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