Why in a Dream-Poem

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Why In A Dream

I dreamt I was dreaming of dreams through the night

Of a God without end, nor beginning in sight

I dreamt of a world, a time and a place

A feeling, a moment, an unfettered space

Where everything made, stood tall in the light

Not cloistered away, nor shuttered up tight

For why have we arms, if not meant to hold

Or kisses and hugs, if not to enfold

Why have we lips, if not meant to press close

Why are there smiles, if not made to approach

Why is there laughter, if not meant to hear

Why are there sighs, if not made for our ears

Why have we eyes, if beauty they miss

Flesh made to touch, hearts made to wish

Why are there kittens, women and breasts

Why wings that can fly, new puppy bliss

Why is there time, if joy is amiss

Why do I dream so, of things such as this

Why are there lovers, if not made to entwine

Why are there grapes, if not for the wine

Why is there love, if peace can’t exist

Tenderness, passion, a shivering kiss

Why is there God, who has no beginning

Why after death, is there life with no ending

Why does my wife, her love to me bring

Why do the flowers, yet bloom in the spring

Why do I wonder, of all of these things

Question and doubt, write poems and sing

Why do I lay here, just dreaming these dreams

When I could be swimming, in passionate streams

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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