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Whenever we buy an expensive laptop or a PC it is such a pleasure to work on initially since it gives almost instantaneous starts ups, loads websites and runs programs. Inevitably, as if by design it slows down until eventually you are at wits ends, pulling hair out and waiting for it endlessly to carry out routine tasks.

Why does this happen?  Unlike one sometimes believes, it is not the hardware issue at all, nor anything to do with your skills, but the problem lies in the changes that routinely occur to its software and add up in a short period of time.  Here is an insight on how to overcome this.

Registry Errors

Every time a new program is run, be it a game or just ordinary downloads from the net, your PC’s registry gets updated since these come handy to run that item.  However, later on when you are done and the item is removed, the changes to registry still remain.  Every time the computer is run, it tries to carry out these instructions and since the related program is non existent, it causes an error in the registry.  This results in slowing down your PC since it does excessive work than it ought to. All these entries just keep adding up; hence it is important to remove them.

You can do it easily by running one of the freely available registry cleaners; some of them are marginally priced while the others are free. However, while downloading, it is important to be careful and downloads should only be from safe sites.

However there are some very good FREE options too. Just download these programs: Ccleaner and Eusing free registry cleaner (the sites are safe).

Spy ware

Spy ware is the software loaded on to your PC or the laptop without your realizing it by piggybacking on other programs that you download. They have effects like:

  • Changing default search engines.

  • Tracking your surfing habits.

  • Send out spam using your email address.

  • Stealing personal information.

They also tend to slow down the PC by taking up a lots of computer memory. The best way to avoid this is never to download free programs, screensavers, and emoticons, from untrustworthy companies. Also, never open any of the attachment in an email from unknown source. 

Besides this, have an effective anti-virus/spyware removal software like Avast Antivirus (Free version) running at all times. See that it is updated regularly.

Adding another free program Advanced System Care and using it regularly is a good idea that goes a long way in upkeep of your computer. These simple programs would ensure that your computer would stay not only fast but also safe.


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