Where Were You-Poem

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Where Were You

Where were you when I was hurting?

Where were you when I cried?

If only I knew you existed, I never would have died.

Had you been watching me for long?

However did you know?

It’s only been my own dumb Ass that’s enabled me to grow.

Why did you never answer?

Why could I never hear?

Why did I never know, that always you were near.

Why did you let me meet her?

Why did I love so long?

If only then to wonder to whom did I belong?

Why did you let me suffer?

Why let me cry so much.

When all I lacked was her sweet smile and just one loving touch.

Why could you never speak?

Or hold me through the pain?

When yet again she drew her sword and all my heart was slain.

Why did you let me love her?

Why give my life away?

To fall in love and die inside for one who wouldn’t stay.

Why did you watch her walk?

Why let her leave behind?

My whole sad life and all it was, my heart, my soul, my mind.

Why didn’t you try to stop me?

Just pull my hand away?

To keep me from this evil place that’s now my home each day.

Why did I mourn the silence of that lonely empty bed,

As something born of prisons chains

But not of freedom bred

Why did I think the night so dark,

When first I thought of death?

When thought I to share my woman’s life, yet took my own instead.

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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