Have a Delicious Armenian Food Experience

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Have a Delicious Armenian Experience

                Try eating something different from what you are used to eating. Try something playful in the taste. Try something new to your taste buds. Try something exquisite. Try the Armenian cuisine.

                Armenian food ideas or cuisine is a delicious mix of diverse international cooking styles. The cooking styles include the Mediterranean cuisine, Caucasus cuisine, Middle East cuisine, Eastern Europe cuisine, and the Balkan cuisine. The end result is a wonderful and delicious array of recipes, mostly stuffed and spicy delicacies, for the consumption of the Armenian people.

                Even though Armenian foods are a mixture of different cooking styles, it still is distinguishable from other cuisines. For one, the flavour and the taste of Armenian foods do not rely on the spices used, but rather, the taste relies on the freshness and quality of the utilized raw materials. The Armenian cuisine is also very well known in utilizing different varieties of fruits and nuts in the preparation of their food. Also, Armenian cuisine is composed mostly of stuffed foods. This includes grape leaves, cabbage leaves, zucchini or squash, tomatoes, peppers, and many more fruit and vegetable varieties.

                The typical Armenian food servings start with an appetizer like mezze, grain, herb salads, and phyllo pastries. Soups, stews, and lavash or flat breads are also included in the long list of Armenian appetizers. Like in most cuisines, an appetizer is an essential part in serving meals. The appetizers in Armenian cuisine give a hint to the eater on what to expect for the remaining dishes to be served. In Armenian cuisine, the taste of the appetizer is not at all similar to the taste of the main course.

                Barbeque or grilled meat, stuffed pastries, and steamed vegetables are usually served as the main course in Armenian cuisine. The usual main course served in Armenian restaurants is grilled or barbequed meat. Kebab or Khorovats is also one of the most famous and savoured main course meal in Armenia. Also, if you want to try and experience Armenian food ideas, try serving Harissa. Harissa is usually served with vegetables. Fasulya, stew made with green beans, is also a good option for an Armenian main course.

                After having your mouths satisfied and your stomachs filled with the heavy meal of Armenia, it is now time to try Armenian desserts. The most famous dessert usually served in restaurants in Armenia is called Alani. Alani is pitted dried peaches stuffed with ground walnuts and sugar. Also, Kadaif is a very much welcome option for a dessert. Kadaif is shredded dough with cream, cheese, or chipped walnut filling and could still be personalized with whatever sweet ingredient the customer wanted.

                Lastly, a meal would not be complete without drinks. Armenian cuisine usually serves coffee or wine and is only serving water when one asks for water specifically.
.More Armenian cuisine, dolma recipes . If ever you are in the mood to experiment and explore your taste buds, the Armenian cuisine is certainly one of the best options to choose. 


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