Internet's Leading Directory of Auto Glass Technicians Offers Marketing Services

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Launched in September of 2008, has quickly become the leading online destination for auto glass marketing. offers a collection of marketing tools to increase sales for services professionals. Glass repair technicians are connected with new customers at the exact moment they’re searching. was launched in partnership with Bob Beranek, a 25-year industry veteran, member of the Board of Directors of AGRSS, and member of the National Glass Association’s Certification Committee. Mr. Beranek notes that “people predominantly use the internet to find local repair technicians. is a simple, risk-free way for service centers to connect with consumers who are searching online for automotive glass service.”

Thousands of people search every day to find service centers. Service centers market their business for free and pay a fee when prospects call them directly. “There’s really no downside to list – you pay a fee when your phone rings with a new prospect – and results are totally measurable,” adds Beranek. The service fulfills the need for auto glass marketing through one unique outlet. provides a revolutionary internet marketing platform for auto glass repair shops. This platform provides you with trackable, measurable results across multiple networks.

In addition to providing new business to service centers, offers sophisticated reporting tools that allow clients to measure the volume and quality of calls they receive. also offers a free “secret shopper” program by providing service centers with audio recordings of the customer phone calls originating through the site. “It’s a fantastic sales coaching and training tool,” shares Beranek.

According to Nik Frye, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Glass America, “Our partnership with has given our locations an effective and valuable tool to attract and retain new customers. has given us the results that we were promised but never able to obtain from their competitors”.  Not only is a business owner listed on, but the collection of marketing tools provide an extensive network of partner sites to expand internet exposure. With this placement across a large network of relevant sites, business owners can track exactly where their calls are coming from and their overall profit.

About, based in New York City, is the leading website for connecting new customers with auto glass repair shops. With nationwide coverage, there are over 3,000 technicians using the service. also provide auto glass repair shops with a new local marketing platform to replace the Yellow Pages where you reach across multiple platforms, directories and publishers to drive the most new customers your way. With business owners get a powerful, and completely trackable online marketing solution. is still open to new service centers who want to generate business. To learn more about effective online marketing or to sign up for your free listing contact us directly at 1-888-268-2507.

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