When And Why, What Can I Do-Poems

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What Can I do

If only I knew what to do

To make all your dreams be so true

I’d love you forever, forever together

For truly I love you, I do

I’m only a man who just now began

To love and to know about you

My head fills with pictures anew

Of all that we’ve shared and is true

I weep loving tears like the dew

In mornings when loving is through

For never indeed can I do

All that I need to give you

Never enough can I have

Of your body, your love and your hand

There‘s never enough, no loving can touch

To thank you for all that you do

How to pay you for such, to show you how much

How wonderful life is with you

Can I make up for all, and how you enthrall

Whenever you give me of you?

If somehow I knew how to write

I’d pen silly poems late at night

Then send them along, with this tiny song

To you my sweet loving dear Hong

If not God then I haven’t a clue

Who could love me more better than you?

If only I knew what to do

To make all your dreams be so true

I’d make love forever, forever together

For all of my love is for you

© 2010, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks

When and Why

Why must I ever be alone?

Why must I ever cry?

When will I know peace?

When will I see Christ?

Why must I rest, cold in my bed?

Why must I in solitude lie?

When will I be warm?

When will I share another ones sigh?

Why must I have no Mother?

Why must I pretend and tell lies?

When will she love me?

When can I cry?

Why doesn’t my daughter love me?

Why won’t she say hi?

When will she forgive me?

When will she try?

Why do they hate me?

Why do I cry?

When will I be happy?

When can I die?

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2009


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