Fuel Plex Lite-The Best Meal Replacement?

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Okay so it’s agreed that you and I both know that there are many meal replacements out there that are claimed to be the best. And the truth is that some do live up to their claims or close to them, while other simple do not. As you continue on reading you will find out if Fuel Plex Lite actually lives up to its claims.

So here it goes.

Fuel Plex Lite is claimed to be packed with high quality protein. It is also said to be formulated with 25grams of 100% whey protein. And if you do not know what 100% whey protein is, it’s basically the type of higher quality protein from milk as opposed to casein because whey is more soluble than casein.

Let’s look into what the site Protein Powder says about this product:


Giving you a strong blend of only the best proteins, Fuel Plex Lite will help you to finally get a smooth, creamy shake that mixes instantly with water. With Fuel Plex Lite, you will finally be able to get half the calories, instantized mixes in seconds, and it is enriched with only the best amino acids and other powerful ingredients. With Fuel Plex Lite, they promise that you will finally get no added sugars and further,no cancer or fat causing aspartame!


Now this may be true in a sense, but here’s something you would want to know. The following quote that is stated above was also a synopsis of what the maker of Fuel Plex Lite claims, which one part states that there are no added sugars in their product.

And if you were to buy this product you will clearly see that it says it contains 1 gram of sugar. I am unsure if their statement really meant that they did not add much sugar or none at all, but 1 gram of sugar wouldn’t make a big difference wither the product is effective or not.

Despite this another site said this about PLex Lite:


The Fuel Plex Lite formula also includes Anti-Catabolic nutrients such as BCAA’s, HMB and Glutamine, plus essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

This great-tasting revolutionary formula is Low in Carbs, Low in Fat and mixes instantly with Just a Spoon. Fuel Plex Lite is sweetened with Sucralose, a zero sweetener made from sugar and tastes like sugar – No more aspartame aftertaste.


From reading this statement this product aroused my interest a bit, since anti-catabolic (less breakdown of muscle) is always a plus and essential vitamins and minerals gives a boost to muscle growth and can help you build muscle fast.

So overall this product seems to be pretty legit, but wither or not its effectiveness proves to work for you is some you’ll have to find out for yourself.

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