How To Organize Celebration

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Valuable time with loved ones, good food, meeting new friends, and sweet memories of hosting a fantastic holiday party can bring you all these things. The downside of arranging a party is the stress it can create. Therefore I have put together some helpful hints to decrease that stress level and ensure your party goes with a bang.

Planning and Inviting

Attention to detail is important when wording your invitations; remember to include where and when it is and if you want guests to bring food or drink, then you need to let them know in good time.

It’s very important to decide what activities to host at the party, what do you and your guests like to do? Create some name tags with a bright and fun design, a good talking point as well as helpful for those individuals who may not know everyone.

Some Decorations and Music Choices

For a Christmas Time party, decorations are extremely important. A tree decked out with ornaments is a must, add in mistletoe for a bit of fun. Consider getting some candles to give a lovely atmosphere; you can even buy candles that have xmas scents. If you want to encourage people to sing and dance, then organize the music carefully – a few Xmas favourites should get the party rolling.

Food and Drink

Buy more food than you actually require. You may have to throw food in the bin, which is wasteful, but if the food runs out you and your guests are not going to be happy. Don’t forget to purchase or put together vegetarian or vegan food!

Drinks options should be an assortment: ask people to bring something with them and make sure you have wine, spirits, tea and coffee as well as soft drinks for younger guests or those that are driving.

Hosting Etiquette

As the party holder, try your best to be there and available for all your guests. As much as practical, talk to each friend and make sure everyone’s needs are thought about and actively include shy guests into conversations.

Don’t leave dirty plates and empty cups lying around, as the party goes on, pick up trash and take empty plates away. By keeping on top of things you will find that there is less to do at the end of the night, or even in the morning and it makes your home more pleasant for late guests and everyone else.

Let those that smoke know where they can have a smoke, be it on a balcony, a patio, in the backyard, or on the front lawn.

Think about giving presents?

Especially at Xmas, many hosts like to do a present exchange; if you do arrange a present exchange make sure guests are aware and what the cost limit is. An entertaining way to spice up a gift exchange is to have Secret Santa, with the names either chosen in advance or drawn at the party.

Advice prepared by Toronto realtor Heather Hadden.


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