5 Great Reasons to Become a Teaching Assistant

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We have compiled a list of 5 good reasons why you should consider becoming a teaching assistant. Whether you have been weighing up whether or not you should apply to be a teaching assistant or have never considered it before hopefully the following points can help you make up your mid and clarify your thinking.

It’s Rewarding

One of the main reasons people choose to become a teaching assistant is because of the incredible satisfying feeling you experience from helping under achieving children. With most jobs you can be left with a feeling of emptiness at the end of the day. You may feel that all you have achieved is to move pieces of paper from one place to another. You will not experience these feelings as a teaching assistant. The teaching assistants role is to help the main class teacher with under achieving pupils or pupils with special education needs. When you see that your efforts are paying off and that the pupils reach a position where they are no longer under achieving you will feel truly rewarded.

Flexible Hours

Teachers work family friendly hours. As you will be working in a school you will primarily only work school hours. This is fantastic for parents who currently have children within the education system as it means that they do not have to arrange child care for out school hours as the role of  teaching assistant will allow them to be able to drop off and collect their children. Moreover you will get school holidays off, which means that you may have as much as twelve weeks holiday per year. There are not many professions where you can get so much holiday time.

No barriers to train

To become a classroom assistant you need to undertake some basic training. However to enrol upon a teaching assistant training course you do not usually need to have any formal qualifications, just a good understanding of basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Study around other commitments

Much of the teaching assistant training can be completed from your own residence meaning that you can fit your training in around your other work or family commitments.


Teaching assistants can earn a healthy salary. Usually anywhere in the region of 10,000 – 16,000 depending on your location (teaching assistants in inner city areas get a weighting).

There are many good reasons to become a teaching assistant. The ones above are just a few. So, if you would like to enter this profession get your self enrolled on a training course and in no time you will be a fully qualified teaching assistant.

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