Become a Courier – Enjoy The Freedom of The Open Road

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For those who are looking for a new challenge in life and like the sound of getting out of the office, becoming a courier is an ideal solution. The demand for couriers is greater than ever due to the fact that more and more money is being spent online each year. With the advance of modern technology anyone can set up a business selling things to the public with the help of services such as Ebay. And as such the number of parcels sent each day has increased dramatically. Many of the largest courier companies have recognised this and have set up specific sub-divisions to deal with this niche. As a result there has never been a better time to become a courier.

If you decide to become a courier you can either work for a multi national delivery service or you can opt to work for yourself. Working for a large delivery service will suit those who like the idea of working for somebody and the job security that it provides. The other advantage are that you will be provided with all the equipment that you need to become a courier, for instance your van, a uniform and all the customers you need. With this method you will usually be allocated a specific zip / postal code area/. You will be responsible for all deliveries in this area. However as with a employee positions you do not have the freedom to pick and choose your work or working hours.

As a self employed courier you do have the freedom to decide which deliveries to do and also when to take annual leave. Nevertheless you will need to source your own clients. There are some internet services where you can bid for work, but often the competition for work is fierce resulting in little profit on some jobs. In order to gain work you will have to invest a significant amount of your finances in to advertising in local papers and directories as well as calling local businesses and introducing your service. One last thing that you have to consider is that you need to either purchase or lease a suitable vehicle to make your deliveries and all the associated costs that go with that such as fuel, insurance and tax.

Which route you take depends on your individual preference. But for those looking for a new career and like the sound of being freed from the office environment then becoming a courier will be ideal for you!

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