Become a Banker And Discover a Financially Rewarding Career

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Choosing a new career path can sometimes feel like a tough decision and those who consider entering the banking industry may have been put off due to the global economic slowdown and the sometimes not too favourable reputation bankers have acquired. However the banking sector is still thriving despite the global economy and now is a great time to become a banker.

The phrase become a banker is a very general one as there are many different aspects to the banking industry and thus many different career option available to those considering a career in this sector. Every high street has numerous banks and as such this is a great place to start a career in banking which someday may end up with you managing a local high street branch. As with many baking jobs you do not need fancy qualifications to take up entry level jobs or even some more senior level positions. You should have a reasonable set of secondary school level exam results and preferably (but not essentially) some higher level exams such as A levels.  It is quite important that you are au fete with numbers as a large part of a high street banker job involved dealing with customers cash.

For those who are slightly more ambitious there are greater earnings to be had by entering the world of merchant banking. Merchant banking encompasses a wide variety of roles from back office staff and middle office staff though to traders. Most who enter the world of merchant banking aspire to be a trader where the earnings can easily be in the six figure range. Twenty or so years ago you could easily start as a “tea boy” on the trading floor and work your way up the ranks to become a stockbroker, however today with the ever increasing competition for such banking jobs usually only those with the best qualifications are considered for these roles. Candidates will have to have a top class degree from one of the country’s finest universities and then will still have to undertake a series of tough exams to become fully qualified and suitable for the role of a trader.

So, despite what you may have heard about the banking industry now is a great time to change careers and become a banker!


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