If You Have A Problem With Your Child's Teacher

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We had an issue when my older daughter was in grade 2.  The teacher was used to cute, sweet little girls that all sat still and did what they were told and only seemed to like these types of students.  My daughter, on the other hand was not that type at all.  Busy from the word go, she ran through her early years and had troubles sitting still when she was small.  The teacher suggested we get her tested for ADHD which is an attention span disorder. 

Imagine our surprise at the teacher’s suggestion.  We subsequently talked to our doctor who said there was no need to get her tested, that she was just a normal, healthy child who happened to be very active.  We talked to the principal, who in turn talked to the teacher.  This teacher then moved onto another school the following year.

When I was in grade school, I remember that I had a wonderful teacher who let me get away with murder, so much so that I almost failed that particular year.  Most teachers are great but alas, they are only human and if you have a problem with your child’s teacher, you need to put a stop to it immediately so your child will not incur any more damage.

How do you deal with problems with a teacher?  Here are a few ideas that we used in our situation that might help:

-Document what has happened to your child.  Date and write down the incident of what happened. Of course it will be your child’s word against the teacher, but you will need to have a record of incidents when talking to either the teacher or the principal.

-Talk to the teacher.  Our oldest daughter had a problem with her music teacher last year.  We made an appointment with him and it turned out to be a simple misunderstanding on both parts.  After that, everything was fine.

-If talking to the teacher won’t help, make an appointment and talk to the principal.  If you are fortunate as we were (and are), the principal is very approachable, quite helpful and will assist you in dealing with the specific teacher.  He will hear both sides of the story and base his judgement on that.

-If you are having problems at the school level, go to the school board.  They are here to help you.  Contact them and talk them about your issues and they will help you and your child the best they can.

Do not delay, if your child has a problem with a teacher, it is best to tackle the problem immediately and not let it fester.  Both you and your child will be better in the long run for it!


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