Creative Valentine's Day Cards

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Making Valentine’s Day cards can be a fun thing to do with your child.  They can then be given to friends or family members.

If you go to most craft stores and you can find card stock (a thicker paper that can be used for cards), stickers, fancy scissors, ribbon and beads which you can use to make a card with.  These stores also have items that can be used for scrapbooking which can effectively be used for card making as well.  You can fold the paper in half and cut the shape out or draw a heart on the card.  Construction paper also works well but cardstock is the ideal paper to use in this case.

In order to decorate your card, the possibilities are endless!  You can purchase supplies or make them yourself.  Here are a few simple ideas that can be used to decorate your paper, heart or card:

– make a heart out of puzzle pieces.  Spray paint the puzzle pieces red or pink, let dry.  Draw a shape of a heart on your paper and arrange the puzzle pieces into a heart shape, then glue.

– punch out a heart shape and put a picture in it (then glue another sheet behind the picture, on the inside of the card)

– cut a potato in half and carve a heart onto one side of it and now you have a stamp!  Paint the potato heart and stamp away!

– cut another heart out of paper and glue the bottom edges together leaving the top open and you have a pocket that you can put little goodies into.

– think of the message that you want to say on your card and cut out the words or (if you have a lot of time) the letters out of a magazine and spell out what you want to say (you can also do this with magnetic letters or even Scrabble letters and then glue them onto the paper.  You can use a magazine to cut out pictures of your valentine’s favourite things and make a collage.

– besides paper, you can cut out a heart shape to decorate your card out of wallpaper (some wallpaper stores will give you their old sample books) or material or wood.

– you can purchase a card making program for your computer and make all the cards you want!

–  get a little alphabet bead set at the dollar store, punch a small hole at each end of the bottom of your card and string the beads on some thin wire making the beads spell out a special message for your loved one. (Tape both sides of the wire on the inside of your card)   You can do the same with thin ribbon.

– write your message out in white school glue on your card, then drop some glitter on it, pick up the card and carefully remove the excess glitter.

– if you have two candy canes left over from Christmas, you can form them into the shape of a heart and glue them onto your card (be sure to leave the wrapping on!!)

– have the family put their hand prints, lip prints or foot prints on a card for mom or dad.

– make a large heart out of heavy cardboard, write on it, then fashion it into a puzzle, making the cuts (carefully) with an Exacto knife.

– get some chocolate bars that have a message. For instance Reese’s Pieces, glue the package onto your card and tell your beloved that you love them to pieces!

– purchase some paper lace doilies and glue it to your page as a backdrop and glue some paper hearts on top and top it with a bow of red ribbon.

Here are just a few ideas that you can use for yourself or with your child.  Keep in mind that some of these ideas will need parental supervision but you both have fun while you make cards for friends and family.


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