Cherry Mobile D35

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I bought the Cherry Mobile D35 November of last year. Actually, I had second thoughts of buying that unit. It was not really what I planned to buy. But because of budget deficit, I had no choice. It was the only phone that had the features I wanted my phone to have and the phone that fit my budget. I had really very big doubt when paying for that phone.

When I arrived home, I inspected my phone more thoroughly. I begun to love it because I discovered that it has E-book reader. (The sales lady did not informed me about the E-book reader in the store.) (I love reading and I had downloaded many E-books.)

More features of D35:

MP3 player

Video player

1.3 MP Camera (No Flash)

Dual Sim/ Dual Standby


Voice recorder

But as the days went by, my love for and my growing interest in my phone faded. I discovered how limited my phone is.

D35 has very small internal memory. Browsing capacity is very limited. Super slow loading of images and music files. Very limited contact groups. Very slow response while writing messages. Video player is not clear. If your videos were not converted to below 6fps and bitrate below 70. The audio output is good only when you are in a very quite room. The sound is clear. No kidding. But when you are in a crowded place, you will never know the audio player is playing unless you put the speaker in your ear.

Not all that is written in the manual is really the keys in the phone. Some are very different. I had so much difficulty locating the key in adjusting the volume. The manual says that the left and right arrow keys are used to adjust the volume. But they are not. After trying all the keys in the phone, I found out that the keys for * and # are for the volume.

Also, the phone keys have no proper function.

If you plan to buy new phone I discourage you to use this. But, try this phone to know how true what I am saying here.  But, but, but never buy. Just try. . .Okay?


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