Poverty And Poor

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Poverty is no new a term to any of us. Every country has both rich and poor people living inside its geographical area. But poverty does not exist alone; it has companions like injustice, illness, ignorance, discrimination and exploitation. It is a class of people who are deprived of the basic amenities necessary for existence. But the question is where did poverty come from? Poverty is no physical illness or a disease which has spread from one individual to another but it is a social illness created and invented by human beings themselves. When the world decided to modernize some sections of the society detested and refused to adapt to the modern system of education and evolution. Lack of education lead to lack of knowledge which in turn gave birth reduction of possibilities of earning. Over the years with the increase in the trend of globalization and establishment of Multi National Companies across the globe predilection was given to educated and skilled labour over uneducated labour. The educated and skilled workers were given higher posts and salaries as compared to the uneducated ones. Uneducated people were the ones who suffered due to lack of acceptance of available resources. This increased the gap between the rich and poor, making rich richer and poor even poorer. This created a separate class of poor in the society and the hard working poor find it difficult to survive in a society where there is more demand for intellect and knowledge.

Above all in today’s society this deprived and unprivileged class has more to bear.

They are subject to exploitation of the wealthy businessmen and politicians. Rich businessmen employ them in their factories where they are overworked and underpaid. Willy politicians just to strengthen their vote banks make empty promises of helping them rise in their society and disappear once the elections are over.  Daughters of the poor rural inhabitants are taken to the city in lieu of good jobs paying hefty amounts but instead they are sold to the prostitution rackets against their knowledge.

An important evil poverty has given rise to is, child labour, children of poor families are large in number creating a problem of food in the family, and as a result young children below the age of 13 are compelled to work under the rich. Poverty forces children into the workplace. Many of the children wish to continue their education, yet they must work for survival.

Poverty is the main catalyst in retrograding the above lying problems and issues.


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