The Benefits of Man And Van

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Whenever you’re considering the services of a removal company, you should be considering a man and van company as a solution to your relocation needs. Man and Van removals have exploded over the last few years, and there are a number of reasons why it’s happened.

First and foremost, because there’s a huge demand for small moving services. Most people relocating or moving items don’t actually require an articulated lorry and a full removal team to shift a single sofa and a wardrobe. There are plenty of people who couldn’t afford the cost of this and plenty that never needed it in the first place. Man and Van companies allow you the flexibility to move whatever you need on a small and medium scale at a fraction of the cost of traditional removal companies, and can even undercut on a large scale move, with removals in multiple vans with multiple trips.

Secondly, it’s because they are consistently good at what they do. However organised you believe yourself to be, however well you think you can pack things away, stack and order the back of a rented van, you will never do it as well as a professional does. They do it day in and day out, and they have found the best way to do it quickly, safely and efficiently. A quality man and van service will mean that you don’t have to do any of the lifting, carrying or delivering – that’s what you’re paying for. The company should sort everything and be able to tell you how many vans and how many of their removal team your move is going to require. They should have done it a million times by now, from a single sofa to a whole house, and they’ll definitely know what you require, so you can sit back and enjoy watching them do the hard work.

Thirdly, they save you time and money. Anyone who has moved themselves knows that it took them a long time, it cost them a day’s pay or holiday, the van cost more than they expected, roping in friends and family to help out was a thankless task and can you really trust them with your favourite crockery or that brand new LCD TV you saved so long for? Unlike your best friend or your Dad, Man and Van services are entirely liable for any damages and they already know that you need to bend your knees and keep a straight back when lifting anything heavy. They can do the entire move on their time, not yours, and for the most part, you don’t even need to be there – they’ll do everything for you.

When an industry explodes, it’s for a reason; that reason is that there is a huge demand for the service. There are a lot of great companies out there that have built really successful businesses out of the quality of service they deliver, so next time you need a little help moving anything, big or small, why not contact a Man and Van service?

The author of this article works for a company that specialises Clapham man and van, Putney man and van and Westminster man and van.


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