Tips on How to Pack For a Removal

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When it comes to packing when you’re moving house, sometimes the removal company will not always consider the most important factors to make the boxes safe to transfer, easy to unpack, and generally to make moving house stress free and happy experience. Surprisingly the method in which the box is packed closed and stored can have a huge impact on the items inside.

First and foremost, you should know what not to pack. It may seem a little too common sense for some, but an essential tip is to not pack any food, batteries, candles or any other product that can cause damage, leak, rot or be a potential fire hazard. It does happen, and some removal companies will not go forward with the job if they know you are intending to transport particular items.

The utmost care must be applied to your fragile items. Packing foam, bubble wrap and newspapers are always the best things to pack out your boxes, however remember to leave some space and perhaps use softer materials inside the bubble wrap to surround your items for extra padding. Putting the lighter items on the bottom is also to be avoided; they will only be squashed or broken, particularly if they are put into storage for a while.

After choosing how to position items in the boxes and which items to pack it’s then a good idea to consider the weight of each box when full. Try to spread out the weight of items so that one is not as light as a feather and one as heavy as a ton of bricks. Not only will this make it easier to carry but if a box decides to slide or fall into another, the damage will be less with a similar weight involved in the collision from either side.

Once the boxes are packed, make sure to purchase strong packing tape to secure each one together. For any heavier boxes, make sure that you reinforce the bottom or sides if necessary. On this note, it may be a good idea to purchase coloured tape. This will help not only to organise your packing, but also make unpacking that much easier.

Labelling boxes is a very important part of the process as spending time searching for boxes or a single item inside one is not something you will want to do as soon as you move in. If labelling is something you tend to rush then make sure you don’t just inscribe bedroom or hallway. Make sure you write more details than this to make your life easier and to ensure your boxes are not stored away for a long time with no time to sort them out.

So there are our top tips for how to pack your boxes. Packing correctly can be a breeze, and all you need is to listen to your common sense for the most part, or follow our guide if you have none! Now all that’s left for us to say is good luck with your move.

The author of this article works for a company that specialises in Fulham removals, Chelsea removals and Kensington removals.


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