Does Chitika Pay Anything?

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If you are reading this article as a Bukisa writer who now has Chitika ads on their articles, I would like to hear some feedback as to whether anyone has made any money from Chitika since switching over.

Since the change from the Bukisa index to either Google Adsense ads, or Chitika ads, I have noticed my earnings dropping rapidly from about $5 a day to less than a dollar, and while I can see thousands of impressions showing up on my Chitika dashboard, I have not yet had one click to report, which is less than I would expect.

I lost my Google Adsense account, but when I did have one, I was getting one click about every hundred views or so. The reason why Bukisa was able to pay $3 per thousand views, is that they would get a lot of clicks on the Google Adsense ads they put on the page, each one being worth on average a dollar or so.

Bukisa takes 40% of the Google Adsense revenue, but with Chitika, they do something different. They put 40% of their own ads on the page, and somehow share 60% of the remaining ad space with the Bukisa writer.

I can’t tell how exactly they’re doing that, but I would assume they have taken the optimal ad space, and left me with the worst ad positions, like at the end of the article or something.

To be honest, it’s still really early days, and I don’t know if I’m going to make anything like what I was making before, but for any Bukisa writers who prefer to get paid based on views on the page, there is still one article writing site that works really well for that.

I joined Factoidz at about the time the change was first proposed, three weeks ago, and I am making about a dollar a day there, thanks to the activity bonus.

They pay you more, the more you publish in a month, the higher your SEO rank, and if you write about a highly paid topic like business, or jobs and education. It seems that I make more there after three weeks than I make here after a year. As for Chitika, does Chitika pay anything? I don’t know, I haven’t seen any money yet.


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