Looking For a Shrinking Software For Your Prized Dvds? – Dvd Shrink 2011 Gold V4.0

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Looking for a shrinking software for your prized DVDs? How would you like a program that can do this task perfectly and even facilitate you with many other options that make this whole process a lot easier, effective and efficient? If your answer is YES, well then look no further, it’s here; the new and improved DVD Shrink Gold 2011 in store and available for download.

This software is one of a kind, completely compatible with the fresh operating systems like Vista (32 and 64 bytes). DVD Shrink Gold 2011 allows you to back up your disks all on one DVD disc, the option of re-authoring and re-encoding the movie is also available. Thus, it saves your time and money.

If you want to copy a DVD the easy way, then you must try DVD Shrink Gold 2011.This gold Software is the only shrinking software compatible with windows 7, windows vista 32 and vista 64 bytes computers and It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Insert the DVD into the DVD burner or DVD ROM and see how it works. This Tool will analyze your DVD, encode video files and finally make copy of the DVD, simply save it where you want. DVD Shrink V4.0 even lets the users choose which level of compression they want for each DVD. The software creates an ISO image of the ripped DVD or a video file that can be processed, viewed or burned further.

So, now the only question that remains: Are you ready for the new generation of DVD Shrink Gold 2011 software? If you are, then go right ahead,DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!


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