Healing Mixture

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Healing mixture

Colds and flu symptoms and accompanying them: cough, runny nose, general malaise – is weakening the child. Doctors-pryrodnyky advise those recovering (and all – and the young and the elderly), use Mix honey with aloe. This feature strengthens the body, stimulates appetite, helps eliminate residual effects of the disease.
Aloe is known to be plant-round action. On its healing properties known even 3300 years ago and used the Hindus, Greeks, Romans.
Fresh leaves 3-5-year-old plants used for the manufacture of water extracts, which contain so-called biogenic stimulants. The chemical composition of these substances have not been explored fully. Consumed as a juice or pulp products, they improve the condition of all tissues of the body, regenerate them after a debilitating disease, stimulate the action of enzymes. Under the influence of biogenic stimulators of normal metabolism in certain tissues while impaired balance is restored.
From fresh leaves of aloe juice or make different preparations: ointments, tinctures, powder, water extract, alcohol tinctures, syrups, injections.
Medicines from aloe leaves, made at home if they take the recommended doses do not cause harmful effects. This recipe for “honey with aloe” Polish professor Ozharovskoho:
“Break off some big leaves from the plant, which is not less than three years, wash, obsushyty and keep in refrigerator for 7-10 days.
Leaves prepared to skip through the meat grinder, for every 100 grams of pulp add 200 g of honey, then slowly heated to boiling, remove from heat, heat the next day again to boiling, strain through a sieve into the thick glass jars, store in refrigerator.
Take on an empty stomach in the morning and an hour before lunch and 1 spoon to improve appetite, against the cold and for overall body strengthening.


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