Healthy Teeth And "washing" The Brain Will Provide us

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Healthy teeth and “washing” the brain will provide us
Jurisprudence, history, international relations, political science, psychology, sociology – these areas of training this year proved most popular among applicants Chernivtsi National University. These specialty license scope done completely or almost completely. And sometimes the number of applications exceeds the amount of license – such as law and history.

However, in many natural and technical disciplines – the lack of entrants. This specialty of physical, chemical, biological faculties.

In Bucovina State Medical University is the most popular majors and Dental Medicine, says Executive Secretary Vladimir HLUBOCHENKO Admissions. – The smallest of applications – for medical psychology, clinical pharmacy and pediatrics.

– It must have been as popular among incoming medical psychology and clinical pharmacy is that the graduates of these professions can be a problem with employment, – said Vladimir Hlubochenko.

As the Chernivtsi Trade and Economic Institute KNTEU, then fully implemented set of international economics and management, informed the Executive Secretary of the Commission Alla TRUFEN. The smallest set – in business economics, accounting and auditing, finance and credit.

However, there is still opportunity to fill an additional volume license admission documents, however, already under contract learning. This is stated in the letter dated 10/8/2010 Education Minister Dmitry Tabachnik heads of higher educational institutions.

It is subject to availability of seats licensed number of higher education, regardless of accreditation, subordination and ownership. Admission for vacant seats rated exercise no later than 25 August 2010.

In CHNU additional set will last from 12 to 22 August.

– This is the order of the Ministry of Education solves all problems associated with some specialty nedoborom – says executive secretary of the commission Vassily CHNU HOLODNYTSKYY.

In BSMU still ongoing reception of original documents. An additional set will start from 16 August.
In CHTEI KNTEU applications from applicants for vacant positions will take from 12 to 20 August.


Jaroslav Kyrpushko,
Center Director Bukovinskogo reconstruction
and development:

We observe a good trend when popular are not only law and economics, but also social sciences such as sociology, psychology.
Why are so many willing to learn production of specialty? For the time being, despite pleas that we must produce something, it appears that successful people not where produced and where sell, promote ideas, products, services. Ukraine poised at a stage of transition from industrial to post-industrial economy. Those who are thinking of industrial society, said: “We produce, seeds, dig. In post-industrial economy this ratio is: in the service sector employs 80, production – 20 percent, while in the industrial – or vice versa. The popularity of these specialties reflects the movement among the entrants to post-industrial society in Ukraine.


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