How to Treat Teeth

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How to treat teeth
Tips to care for teeth and oral | Guest

Hollywood smile … Who does not dream about it? Of course, everyone wants a beautiful and white teeth, and not everyone knows their status depends not only on appearance but also your health: some diseases may arise because you … caries. So, how to properly care for your teeth?

First let’s start with what exists right technology – how, what and how much time to clean teeth properly.

How to brush your teeth?
Three minutes – is so much need time to thoroughly clean teeth. Usually we allocate to this procedure only twenty to thirty seconds. In fact, to properly clean the entire surface of all teeth! Even the last eight to clear on all sides. First you need to thoroughly clean the external surfaces of all teeth left, then front, then chewing surface of the upper, then lower teeth on the internal surface of the left front, right, upper teeth, then just lower.

By the way: too intense “friction” causes tooth enamel surface abrasion!

How often should I brush your teeth?
In nechyschenyh teeth immediately formed plaque, which constitute the bulk of cariesogenic microbes and the other part – food environment for them. This “cocktail” leads to tooth decay and gum disease. However, almost immediately and for cleansing the teeth appear small scale, but very weak and not pathogenic. Therefore, specialist advice – brushing your teeth twice a day: morning after breakfast and evening before bedtime.

Unfortunately, people have developed false idea that the teeth should be cleaned immediately after wake up. But even after a light breakfast in the oral cavity already formed plaque, which triggers the growth of bacteria that “leave a legacy” disease – Periodontal disease and tooth decay.

If you cleaned your teeth after breakfast, then why not in the bacteria multiply. The same applies to “night cleaning” – a night sure to remove all food debris. However, not everyone understands that still need to clean their teeth brushed, but did not stagger gum.

By the way: some dentists say – even if you eat sweets on kilogram per day, but then brush your teeth, the tooth does not threaten you.

No sugar …
Chewing gum – it is not a toothbrush. Let the experts say that the volume of Ukrainian Dental Association, chewing gum, which should make you smile snow-white, not only shatters the seals, but also can cause gastritis. The fact is that when you chew your favorite “Orbit” or “Dirol” more than three minutes, you released saliva that causes stomach irritation and consequently there is neurotic gastritis or other gastrointestinal condition.

However, there are positive points – an hour after eating chewing gum promotes secretion of gastric juice, which helps digest food. Another benefit of chewing – it cleans the chewing surface. However, caries is more common in the area between the teeth clean by chewing gum at all impossible!

By the way: have no opportunity to brush your teeth after lunch? Eat apples, carrots or other natural product. Believe me, the effect is worse than gum, more and more vitamins get.

And you in the mouth is the way places?
According to experts, the form of a toothbrush was really depends. What constantly promoting various kinds brush, which “can even clear the way places – it’s just a promotional move, which came up with no dentists, and piarschiki certain companies that manufacture products for oral care. As for the types of brushes, the only really important is how hard hair on the brush.

Giving advice in absentia, which is best villi – hard or soft – not because it has to do only your dentist. He has guided him in what condition your teeth that hardness of enamel, and other details. But there is a general rule: if you are particularly sensitive gums, the villi of toothbrush should not be too hard to not cause irritation, which can cause bleeding gums. People with healthy gums, thick enamel, but with excessive formation of dental plaque from smoking, strong coffee and tea to clean your teeth to shine a stiff brush. Pay attention to the inner surface of teeth, where plaque accumulates particularly intense, and it is extremely difficult to clean. An important rule – you need to change your toothbrush every three months.

By the way: aborigines in Africa in general teeth cleaning wooden chopsticks, but they still smile snow-white.

Tooth “Trap”
How to choose the right toothpaste, which would really meet your needs, not fashion. It is not funny sounds, but commercials are sort of trendsetter for a certain product. People think that if you have already created the advertising of these products, it means that it is unbelievable. And, unfortunately, this statement is not always the case.

You must first pay attention to the advice of his doctor (unless he is engaged to some manufacturers), and the state of their teeth. Note: before you buy toothpaste, “which protects” your teeth, you need to know what exactly you need to protect them. If you have a hypersensitivity necks, you need toothpaste effect with low abrasion of enamel. If from tooth decay, then choose a paste with high fluorine content, although it must be remembered that most of teeth cleaning fluorine toothpaste satisfies only 30% of the needs of the body. The rest of the calcium fluoride and a person must receive a meal. If you suffer from Periodontal disease, you should pick up and feed against periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and tooth decay generally simultaneously are rare.

If you decide to whiten your teeth, you should know that most of the enamel burns pidbilyuvachiv strongly and very negatively affects the gums. Why? And that bleach can only be very aggressive environment.

By the way: Underwear teeth not corroborate their status as rich in calcium enamel is slightly yellowish tint!

Threads for teeth
We came into vogue clean teeth flossing. But you need to know that not everyone can use them. Some experts say that a thread positively affect the contact surface cleaning teeth. But it should be noted that each person between the teeth is different intervals: one can perfectly clean brush your teeth only, and in some people, these intervals are so small that not only brush and floss and do not get through there. Besides, this thread can damage gums and chronic gingival interdental papilla damage can lead to formation of the so-called “pocket” in the gums, which is incurable complication.


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