Monday, December 18

Devil's Fork

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Two-thirds of the world’s population are poor…(or  maybe even more than that figure). Those on the 9-5 jobs who are struggling with money are still considered poor (why do they struggle, after all?)…and hundreds of thousands of them, including me, and maybe you, are turning to the internet for the so-called “virtual goldmine”, huh!.. to dig the unknown secrets the internet gurus are claming to be where the treasure is..

I have been using the internet for over ten years for many reasons…research, communication, file and photo storage, facebooking, twittering, meeting new friends, sex, women, …you name it all…and lately (for already over three years), internet marketing.

Call me a dumb marketer..or maybe I am just unlucky enough or some a stupid dude and I will tell you, I didn’t even earned half of the programs that sucked me off my hard cash than what I spent on them..If you are reading this and you didn’t understand what I’m talking about…well, maybe you are very, very lucky and me…maybe all the bunch of those black devils have fallen into my head from the black clouds and turned their sharp, pointed hot fork on me whereever my mouse points…while yours what have fallen are angels who lead you to the cave of where Yamashita buried his 2nd world war treasures….

The internet sucks…the gurus’ sucks….and if you’re reading this and you’re not earning any single penny of that internet program you have downloaded because you thought, like me, that would earn you $1000 of dollars a day….huh!!!!!then you’re like those gurus’…you suck, too.

But if you tell me that you have found that online program two years ago and you started earning slowly after a year or so using such…then maybe I will believe you..But if you tell me that joinong your program will earn me an instant $100 today and then a thousand by the end of this month…..I’ll pass on to you this devil’s fork…

I promise, starting today, I will crush those evil guru’s with this devil’s fork given to me as a gift by one of those devil’s I slapped on his face..Devils looked horrifying on their faces but if you’re sucked like me and face the devil to poke their eyes with your dirty finger, they clip their tails between their legs, and ran like they’ve seen a monster devil more than themselves…

See you tomorrow.


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