Chewing Gum – Benefit or Harm?

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Chewing gum – benefit or harm?
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What the variant ymeet zhevatelnaya elastics for us, and whether good zhevatelnaya so elastic as we said the advertisement.

What such a zhevatelnaya same elastics and she helps or vredyt?
Daily on television we nablyudaem slew of ads zhevatelnыh rezynoy, we are constantly ubezhdayut the Use zhevatelnuyu elastics, which not only osvezhaet breathing, but also ukreplyaet zubы. However, doctors bolshynstvo professionals they say that the zhevatelnaya vredna elastics. What the same opinion more than the correct?

A basic component of this is zhevatelnoy elastic EE zhevatelnaya basis (gum base), specifically которую obrabatыvayut, When she stanovylas upholstered. Vtorostepennыe Components Miscellaneous zhevatelnoy elastic substance is this, they place a refreshingly obladayut, for example as menthol or extract myatы perechnoy, glucose or podslastytely (sorbyt, ksylytol, aspartame), as well as feature shows konservantы Miscellaneous.

Edynstvennыy cases where chewing gum pryneset favor if this is the Use of EE as a means for ochyschayuschee teeth.

After all remnants of the meal between teeth yavlyayutsya blahopryyatnыm place for breeding bacteria boleznetvornыh and in the future of education karyesa. We do not always have the opportunity cleaned zubы schetkoy. A zhevatelnaya elastics could always is located under the arm and at the expense svoyh adhezyvnыh ochyschaet Surface Properties ostatkov teeth from food.

Of course, zhevatelnaya elastics Total lysh dopolnyaet hygiene polosty rta. Zhevatelnuyu worth elastics choose a one, which does not contains saharozamenytely instead hlyukozы well as glucose preduprezhdaet bacterial growth, vыzыvayuschyh karyes. And then see Your zubы not podverhnutы harm.

In addition, elastics zhevatelnaya osvezhaet breathing. However, remember – if nepryyatnыy smell iso rta stands and not being held in during the day, you need obratytsya k dentist later that nepryyatnыy rta could smell iso will appear symptom diseases polosty rta.

What the harm could bring zhevatelnaya elastics?
When zhevanyy zhevatelnoy elastic, human zheludok vыrabatыvaet zheludochnыy juice, and this is the development of gastritis or sposobstvuet obostrenyyu yazvennoy disease. Then you need elastics zhevatelnuyu zhevat after edы, and so will zubы ochyschatsya, and juice will zheludochnыy vыrabatыvatsya perevaryvanyya for food.

If elastics zhevatelnaya upotreblyaetsya often, then this is could cause diseases of k-vysochno nyzhnechelyustnыh joints. If elastics zhevatelnaya zhuetsya not tselыmy days, then nykakyh problems with the joints will not.

One of the popular myfov at zhevatelnoy elastics yavlyaetsya something here that EE could zhevanyya vыpast seal. Uveryaem you correctly Establishing plombы not vыpadayut zhevatelnoy the actions under the elastic bands. If the same seal blurt out, this is either at volume demonstrates, that it low-quality bыla installed, either on volume that karyes Next progresses and destroying the tooth.

Dentists Recommend zhevat zhevatelnuyu elastics after edы and no more than 15-20 minutes, until she did not lose taste additives. Preferably not on the Use zhevatelnuyu elastics holodnыy zheludok. Using a zhevatelnuyu elastics, when zubnoy schetkoy vospolzovatsya perhaps not. And it does not zabыvayte that the elastic upotreblenye zhevatelnoy not necessary, here you yzbavlyaet minimum of twice a day cleaning and zubы zubnыmy pastoy schetkoy, as well as twice per year poseschat dentist.


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