Flossing (Flosses). What it Really Needs It?

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Flossing (flosses). What it really needs it?
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In the article эtoy You will realize, whether you need to hygiene teeth as a means of such a zubnaya thread.

More recently, if dealt with at polostyu rta leave behind, then type in ymelas rehulyarnaya cleaning teeth.

Even though to date, are still as before leaving on a component is mainly per polostyu rta remain the zubnыe schetka and paste suschestvuyut multitude second, no less important, rekvyzytov, for example as raznoobraznыe эlyksyrы for poloskanyya rta, zhevatelnыe elastic bands, and even electrical zubnыe schetky. One from the new эtyh on leaving for polostyu rta yavlyaetsya zubnaya thread.

Do we need a truly эty novovvedenyya, particularly zubnaya thread, or is this a regular way to compel us raskoshelytsya?

TAKE zubы multitude of people that are fairly closely raspolozhenы friend rolled to a friend. And even in fairly tesnыe interdental promezhutky popadaet pyscha, she remains there for dolhoe time, sweat begins to rot and eventually in the end-of destruction vыzыvaet interdental surfaces. Slozhnaya эta a situation later, that in such karyes trudnodostupnыh mestah hard enough poddaetsya treatment.

And yet with the aesthetic side this is not very good so, as the remnants of the meal vыzыvayut nepryyatnыy smell iso rta.

Zubnaya thread bыla coined order that would yspravyt эtu situation. Zubnaya thread consists of polymer fibers, which raspolozhenы parallel to each other. Zubnaya thread for the entire length of coatings spetsyalnыm substances, Ono oblehchaet skolzhenye between teeth. Also zubnaya thread well at skolzyt pin and lasting social slyunoy uderzhyvaetsya in your hands.

In form zubnaya thread bыvaet kruhloy and ploskoy. Kruhlaya zubnaya thread is intended for people in kotorыh shyrokye promezhutky between teeth and whining ploskye zubnыe prednaznachenы for those who closely zubы raspolozhenы friend rolled to a friend. Zubnaya thread could ymet two of coverage of different – and voschёnoe nevoschёnoe.

Novice dentists sovetuyut polzovatsya voschennыmy zubnыmy threads, so as they are easier to Gorazd in upotreblenyy. No whining nevoschёnnыe zubnыe TAKE Advantages later, more than what they qualitatively ochyschayut zubы.

Now vыpuskayutsya zubnыe whining, propytannыe substance, which zaschyschayut zubы of destruction here. There zubnыe whining, propytannыe 2% soluble sodium fluoride and impregnated with a solution of 1% chlorhexidine. People that are worn or implants zubnыe protezы dolzhnы polzovatsya Superfloss. This is spetsyalnaya zubnaya thread in a nee End uzkyy and thin, but Different – and razvoloknёnnыy wide. End for Thin lehkoy prohodymosty in interdental promezhutky and wide End protyahyvaetsya gradually and perfectly ochyschaet stomatolohycheskuyu Structures.


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