Would You Like to Eat And Drink Vsilyaku Chemistry i Have Zdorovi Teeth? Do Not Go!

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Would you like to eat and drink vsilyaku chemistry i have zdorovi teeth? Do not go!

Be convinced the doctor, dentist Basil Vasilyuk, which has a private medical practice in Priluki.
– Vasily A., let’s talk about the so-called “civilization diseases” or tochnishe – the impact of civilization on health. That is, the impact of new-fangled products, food impurities, different drugs on the health zubiv. What would you like a practicing doctor sposterihayete? What events concern?
– Worryingly general deterioration of health zubiv. My attitude in person as the doctor and medicine in general, to food products with extended period of consumption, ie products with preservatives, very negative. Because there are applied different chemical substances, which are absolutely not safe for the same zubiv. Preservative can be, for example, the same sugar. This is such a massive disease as kariyes. With different dyes, the impurity can cause gingivitis. This is another dangerous disease – paradontyt.
Just a few words about this Dental disease as fluorosis. It shows stains on the teeth from white to brown, resulting in tooth enamel were investigated defects. This is due to excess fluoride in pytniy drivers. He has a more active element vytisnyaye zubiv with calcium.
– But we often talk about the dangers of fluoride nestachi. There are even zubni paste with the addition of fluoride.
– But i its harmful excess. The optimal dose – 0,8-1,2 milihrama litr on water. There are in the domain zone where zafiksovana lack of fluoride in water, and such is where the surplus. For example, there is exaggeration in Priluki fluoride to 3-story units. So we have quite a lot of patients with fluorosis. But this does not mean that there is no need to use paste with fluoride. Pasta with fluoride zovni used for cleaning zubiv, i is not only harmful but also helpful. But an excess of fluoride consumed from inside the drinking water damages.
– What should I do if such a drivers?
– Something should be done. Especially pregnant women, because excess fluoride harms OF A dytyni. So we have to drink more imported water, or perhaps even during pregnancy if possible change the place of residence. Part of the negative effect of excess fluoride can neytralizuvaty, using more natural products that contain a lot of calcium. For example, milk is just not boiled. Or take petty minced shell powder not boiled eggs. Generally speaking, POWER must see to it that the analysis was made specifically for drinking water areas on the contents of fluoride.
– Povernimosya to the problem of new-fangled food products, preserving i different additives. Identify some of them.
– It is harmful modni nowadays colored aerated drinks, such as circles, fanta, sprite. Why colored? Because there are dyes and acids, which destroy the enamel zubiv. So if we drink is, the better through a straw, but still – better not abuse them. Less harmful drinks without coloring.
– For example, mineral water?
– Yes, it is less harmful. Finally, you can also reduce hazovanist – open the kryshechku, pour, give a bit of gases exit.
– But the dominance of fruit juices and yahidnyh sold in boxes?
– They also use a relatively long period, so, too, with the addition of chemical preserving. This is bad not only affects specifically the teeth, but also on the overall organism.
– What health zubiv in children?
– Unfortunately, pohirshuyetsya. One reason and that all children go through a full cycle ridshe their breast-feeding, that breast milk. And all oti molochni mixture is never an adequate substitution of milk. Moreover, they also have in their composition is not bezpechni preservatives. The child begins to eat childhood chemistry that affects i’s teeth.
– And next goes to school. What she drinks i eat?
– What? Oti chewing. Although they advertise as vice versa – reliable protection zubiv.
– Independent investigation of these zhuyok showed that the “protection” is far away. So chewing gum can reduce kyslotnist mouth, but it does take 15-20 minutes each throw in a new company and new cud.
– That nearly During whole day to walk and chew?
– Yes. But otherwise everything – your ad. It is better if you want to clean mouth after eating, eat something natural, solid. For example, apple, carrot, beet and can be welded. You can slice cheese.
– But Hot Topic – on solodoschiv. Maybe absolutely refuse?
– No, not necessarily. They also need the orhanizmovi. Especially when the person grows. This one should i to the brain, i for muscle. But little hramiv 100-150 per day. That together, including candy, chocolate, bakery products. But do not take solodoschi pomizh yizhi techniques. I must also clean the mouth.
– I think what we need to brush your teeth, they know all?
– Not all know how. Firstly, you need twice a day. Vrantsi better not before, but after breakfast. And then cleaned, then ate – i During whole day again with the remnants of yizhi. It should be cleaned after evening vecheri, that is, before bedtime.
– What do you think about novomodni products?
– There is another danger: whether these products too, especially prepared for consumption. It turns out that almost nothing to chew. There is no pressure on the teeth i periodontium. We, like our ancestors did not bite nuts, do not bite the same carrots, other vegetables. All pereterte, pereparene. No one should load on the jaw-tooth device, i he gradually atrophies. So I advise everybody: we must return to solid, i maloobroblenoyi most natural – eat, without preserving and of other chemicals.


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