To Smile Importantly – Healthy Teeth

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To smile importantly – healthy teeth

Even if the sky clouds prolonged, a smile can light up bystanders around the world. And if a close person smile, then around one thousand solar zastrybayut happy bunnies.

Nothing adorns a man, as lightning smile. According to experts, a smile not only helps you attract friends and win the heart of a prince or a beautiful lady, but also promotes career development. To smile nicely, you have good teeth. A condition of the teeth can judge the health of our body.

Enamel of healthy teeth, usually a blue or yellow hue. Change the color of normal enamel forever impossible. Milky-white color indicates the increased activity of thyroid tissue and poor mineralization. Strong healthy teeth help a person live to old age, maintaining physical and mental health, and, hence, interest in life. Remember to take care of their teeth during their life.

The main part of the tooth consists of dentin – a kind of bone tissue in the crown area it covered with enamel and root cement in the area. The hardness of tooth enamel slightly less than the hardness of diamond. Closed neck of the tooth edge of the gums. Inside the tooth is the pulp – pulp, and in it vessels and nerves. It is through them tooth disease spread throughout the body.

Unfortunately, our teeth, despite their hardness, are deterioration. Worst enemies of our teeth are caries and Periodontal disease. From caries to a greater or lesser extent, almost all people affected – up to 99% of the world’s population. When enamel caries begins to soften, the disease starts with small dots, and can finish the complete destruction of the tooth. Scientists have not reached consensus, which arises from tooth decay. It is known that the destructive activity of caries wine microorganisms. In case of bad or improper oral care for teeth delayed plaque, which can be easily removed with a toothbrush. Remaining on the same teeth, get him numerous bacteria, pererabatyvaya plaque produce lactic acid and pyrovynohradnu. They destroy tooth enamel, penetrating deeper into the tooth and producing so-called “hole”. If the tooth does not heal in that time, there is pulpitis, which leads to periodontitis.

In people with weakened immunity, with the wrong diet, small amounts of vitamins and trace elements decay develops rapidly – within 1-2 weeks. Especially harmful excess consumption of sweet teeth, not blossom in vain cavities coincided with the industrial production of sugar. Now we have an endless advertising falls variety of care for their teeth. Each floats in the sea of information as you can. But there are folk remedies. For example, for the prevention of caries with toothpaste use milk powder. When brushing the composition of this slows down the formation of tartar, bleeding gums and disappear breath.

If within two weeks bathe teeth clove garlic, they cease to get loose. Duration of the teeth removes the mixture from tooth powder, salt and soda with a drop of lemon juice. But to hold such a procedure should be not more than once a week. By enhancing the teeth of oak bark extract: 1 tsp. l. Milled bark poured a glass of boiling water, boil for 15-20 minutes. Insist hour, strain and rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day. To avoid problems with teeth helps rinse cabbage brine and fresh beet juice.

Periodontal disease, tooth decay at least, corrupts us, depriving of teeth. This enemy number 2 is the dystrophic process in the jaw bone tissue of the tooth. This disease often accompanied by inflammatory phenomena. There are bleeding gums, teeth gradually rozhytuyutsya and begin the final stages of fall.

To avoid becoming a victim of both enemies, scientists advise brushing your teeth at least 2-3 times a day during 3 minutes, making motions with the brush 300 average hardness. After brushing is recommended to rinse well, cover the soapsuds and stored in clear text. Swap the old to the new brush should be at least once in four months.

Help fight periodontal disease and its prevention exercises massage gums that recommended daily. Massage improves circulation gum tissue, strengthens them, disappears bleeding. Massage the gums should be on the inside and outside within 3 minutes.

Clear enamel of the teeth and keep their teeth you can, if you take a practice every day to eat some apples, carrots, slice the cabbage. This method is recommended by ancient Egyptians who lived 4000 years BC. Modern dentists confirmed that this is the best way to prevent periodontal disease and health and beauty of teeth.
Want anchor – treat teeth

British experts have reported that bad teeth can lead to reduced mental capacity. Researchers from King’s College London discovered a link between poor dental health and the deterioration of brain activity. The researchers concluded that a significant loss of teeth increases the risk of poor functioning of the brain in 3.57 times. That dental disease often are sources of various infections, distribution of which may somehow be displayed on the brain. In addition, tooth loss leads to acceptance odnomanitnishoyi and less balanced meal, and it entails a lack of vitamins and trace elements. This is reflected in brain activity.


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