Airline Reservation System Software

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Airline reservation systems came into existence in the late 1950s. At that time, these systems were just simple standalone systems used for managing flight related inventory, aircraft loading, maintaining schedules for flights and co-ordinating for sitting arrangements. As compared to the previous system, today, the modern airline reservation system has evolved as one of the most comprehensive suite providing a system to support variety of multiple airline management tasks. Apart from this, airline reservation system also focuses on fulfilling customer needs from the very initial time of reservation till the finishing point of the flight.

With the passing time, Airline reservation system (ARS) eventually emerged as Computer Reservation systems (CRS) which is a computerized system used for the purpose of storing and retrieving information in order to carry out various transactions associated with air travel.  Airline reservation software is designed and developed in such a way that so that it can manage airline scheduling, passenger ticket reservations and records as well as fare tariffs.

The Airline Reservation System brings in itself a huge number of user friendly features which undergoes constant development. We can also refer ARS as a web based software helping airline industry to minimize or reduce the cost associated with the distribution. The airline reservation software is combined with multiple tasks providing all aspects of bookings, refunds, cancellations procedures and policies to follow across various sources, websites, offices, corporate users, call centers, travel agencies, and MIS. In other words, they are providing a tough, cost effective solution to airline industry which in turn will be helping airlines to manage their sales, fares, flight schedules, and all related inventory of services.

The tasks associated with the reservation of an airline are multiple in numbers. So, to make the system rationalized and smooth, such software are needed which can facilitate the efficient working of a web-based reservation engine along with a user friendly graphical interface. In this software, an authorization process is also involved that is completely taken care of by a reservation supervisor, e-ticketing system and departure control system. These systems serve as a well integrated interactive system for the passengers.

Many custom application development software firms are involved in development of airline reservation software. During the development of the same, they come across various challenges right from the stage of gathering information for passenger reservation till the final stage of assigning airplanes and pilots to the flights.

Few of the features of airline reservation system software are:

  • Real time entry of flight reservations on telephone calls.

  • Safeguarding the returning of queries to customer database functions.

  • Group booking of flights by date and time.

  • Allocating pilots and plans to dispatched flights.

  • Create various reports for process management.

Airline reservation system works on distinctive module levels like administrator module, reservation module, travel agent module, and a user friendly passenger module with the help of which any passenger can easily do online reservations, have a look at their bookings status and can also place a request on any service provided by the airline enterprise.

At last, we can say that, Airline reservation software system is customized software serving all airlines on a global platform and making them lead with a cost effective solution.


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