Highway Patrol: Hot Cargo

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The Hot Cargo episode of Highway Patrol was from its second season on the air.  It had the appealing theme of dealing with truck drivers.  I call it appealing simply because America has always had a fascination for the truck driver.  There’s something about being on the road in that big rig.

In this half hour program, a scam was done where truckers were set up by men pretending to be hurt in some type of vehicle accident or wreck.  When the truckers would stop to help, they’d be overtaken and their cargo stolen.

The first scene was a bit awkward I thought.  It was between Broderick Crawford, who played Chief Dan Mathews, the head of the highway patrol, and Stuart Whitman, who recurred in this season as Sergeant Walters.  The two were really talking up the truckers.  That was okay, but it felt overdone and just didn’t flow very well in my mind.

One of the things I always like about this series is the outdoor filming.  I’m not sure where the location shooting was done, but it looks refreshing.  They really do most of the shots outdoors.

I’m not hooked on Crawford in this role, though, even though it’s what he’s best known for.  He was a powerhouse, but he has a lot of stale moments.  There are at least two moments in this show where it’s like he’s not even listening to Whitman give his dialog.

On the whole, I like the episode, though.  It kept me entertained.


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