How to Block Facebook on Your Computer?

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Facebook is most popular social network today and beside good things like possibility to find old friends, keep in touch with your family, share photos etc. there are bad things related to this social network.

There are cases when people are facebook addicts and in this case facebook has a negative impact on their personality. There are lots of students that are too much distracted by facebook and cannot study as facebook is affecting their good study time. Facebook is pronounced as a no 1 productivity killer as a result of employees “wasting time” on social networking. It is common thing that kids make their own facebook profile to early.

How to block facebook?

With application called FB Limiter it is possible to block facebook and it can block access to facebook during specific times in a week, or completely block access. There are features like normal lock, time lock and total lock that enables different kinds of blocking access to facebook and all major proxies that enable reaching facebook sites. It is i simple to use, you can limit access with just one click.

It can solve problems that parents have with their kids losing time by visiting facebook too much. Now with FB Limiter they are in position to limit access to those web sites, if not completely, just to one hour a day for example. The similar thing can be applied to small companies that don’t need and cannot afford system administrator to take care of accessing productivity killer website such as facebook. Small company owners can now block access to facebook without requirement to have system administrator to control these settings. In cases when students are too much distracted by facebook and cannot study as facebook is affecting their good study time, FB Limiter can be used to cure that addiction and at least give students free time to study. Among other features it comes with total lock feature implemented which will block facebook access for specified time period without chance of unblocking.


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