Why Becoming a Registered Nurse is a Good Choice

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The field with the most jobs available is nursing. The health-care industry has been recession proof and is growing in demand day by day. The demand for health care increases the demand for nurses. The ratio of nurses to patient in some places is 1:8, well above the ideal ratio. There is a shortage of qualified personnel and the doors are always open for more aspirants. To become a professional nurse, you have to have a degree. Becoming a Registered Nurse or RN could be the best choice you ever made. Here are a few reasons why:


Getting a degree as RN will entitle you to more lucrative and higher-paying jobs than going for a lower level degree. A RN is able to earn as much as $49 an hour, whereas the national average remains around $30 an hour. This difference in pay assures you that you won’t have to worry about the bills stacking up at the end of the month. The lack of money-related stress will be greatly reduced and you will be able to focus on your work. Always remember, the more experienced you get, the more money you will be paid!

.Job Security

Nursing is said to be the most secure job today. The demand for nurses never decreases and plenty of job opportunities are always available. Having to fear that you will lose your job due to lack of work or cutting costs does not occur if you are a RN. Most RNs are able to go through their whole professional career working in the same hospital!


Look around your town, your community or your village. There is a hospital present in every inhabited region of the country. The number of medical institutions has grown steadily over the last few years. Getting a degree as RN will enable you to work as a nurse near your home. This flexibility means that you do not have to switch places to work.

.Sense of fulfillment

A job should not be about money all the time. There is a personal sense of fulfillment to be derived by becoming a RN. You can avail the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. The feeling of saving a life is the ultimate feeling of achievement!

If you want to become a nurse, go for a RN degree program now. Don’t waste time!

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