Different Aspects of a Songwriting Contest

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Before you participate in a songwriting contest, nurture this talent to come up with a piece of art that is nothing but the best.

Songwriting is an art. People, who are passionate about songwriting, interact with people having similar interest, join forums and encourage online songwriting to find co-writers and to actually learn the craft of songwriting. You cannot nurture this talent within the four walls of the room. Rather, when you share the songwriting process with someone else online learn new techniques and methods to improve your songwriting skills.

For joining an online songwriting contest, the most appropriate method would be to pen down a whole bunch of ideas first. The next step would be to put them in one pile and all other unfinished ideas into another. In a typical session, you may end up with one or two ideas that come out in a more or less complete form. You can create small musical nuggets such as a chorus here, a lyric there, possibly a cool riff or chord sequence, a bunch of new ideas that do not yet belong to a complete song. This pile is the perfect approach for an online songwriting session.

To simplify the process, categorize your ideas into ‘Riffs & Chords,’ ‘Lyrics,’ ‘Verses,’ ‘Bridges,’ and ‘Choruses’. Then you can share and exchange your ideas with other song writers. This is a great method to get a whole bunch of interesting ideas from your co-writer to work on and likewise, he will have the same from you. This way, together you will end up with many more completed songs than you ever would have alone. The more minds you can get working on your ideas, the more options you have for your finished song.

Try out this technique and master the art before participating in a songwriting contest.


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