Marriage Help in Quispamsis At Kings Valley

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Marriage help in Quispamsis, Rothesay and Saint John is certainly needed, just like everywhere else. 50% of today’s marriages end in divorce. Half of our children will go though the breakup of their parent’s marriage. The unfortunate thing is that it has become the norm in western society. Many people see it as an unavoidable rite of passage.

It’s tough when you go into a relationship expecting your partner to make the world a better place for you…only to find out that he or she has made it more of a struggle instead. Expectations of what marriage should be is a big part of the problem. Brides and grooms often think, on some level, that their spouse will suddenly make them happy all the time…and that their day to day relationship will feel just like it did when they were dating.

Kings Valley Wesleyan Church wants to offer marriage help in Quispamsis in the form of a series entitled “Man vs Wife” that discusses marriage and other relationships, and what God has to say about them. It will run throughout January and February 2011. Series begins January 16.

There’s no denying that marriage can be a struggle…and sometimes it seems more like a big fight than the fairy tale we expected before we entered into it. The question is not whether there will be struggles, but whether or not it’s worth the fight.

Marriage help is available in Quispamsis, Rothesay and Saint John through churches like Kings Valley Wesleyan as well as professional counseling services. Ask your doctor or check the local listings. Don’t give up on what God intended to be your lifelong relationship without a fight.

Kings Valley Wesleyan Church in Quispamsis, and many other churches and professionals who want to help you restore your broken relationships believe it is worth the fight. After all, marriage was God’s idea. He should have some insights into how to help us strengthen our marriage relationships or repair our broken ones.


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