A Guide to S.e.o And S.e.m

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 Search engine marketing, or SEM as it is called in the industry, is a great way for small businesses to market themselves at low cost. Especially for locally-focused small businesses such as restaurants, bars, and medical offices, it is still relatively easy to get to the top of search engines in your target category in your local area. I’ve listed some things below that you can do yourself – there is absolutely no need for a small business to pay hundreds of dollars monthly to do the things below. The first thing to do is to make sure you’re listed on all the search engines. This just means going to each search engine’s home page, and then typing in your business’s name. When that page comes up, you’ll see a “claim your listing” link on there. Click it and fill out the information requested – they basically just want to make sure you’re the legit owner – they’ll call you at the number listed as the business’s and give you a verification code to type in on the computer. While you’re at it, check to make sure everything is right in your listing – address, items you sell, hours, etc. Fill in all the missing information. You’ll have a chance to list the categories of items you sell, similar to Yellow Pages categories. Make sure you rank them in order of importance to your business – list your main line first, then keep going on minor sidelines.

If you’re a jeweler, then jewelry – retail might be first, but then also list jewelry repair, watch battery replacement, jewelry- custom, etc. The more, the better – and they’re all free. The second thing to do is start a blog on your site.

Update it every 2 or 3 days – announce sales, new items or services in the shop, whatever. The important thing is to provide help for your customers on a regular basis. Alternate posts – one day blog on your new arrivals, the next time blog about 14 ways to keep your jewelry looking pretty, or 18 things to know before you shop for diamonds. Make sure you add in your city and state – your title will read “18 things to know about shopping for diamonds in Dayton, Ohio. Search engines love this kind of local advice. Break out all the old supplier cheat sheets you have in back – they’re great for writing this kind of information. Your third job is to get links. And when I say get links, I mean quality links. Make sure you’re in the local chamber of commerce directory with a link to your site. Ditto for your local convention/visitors office/tourism bureau.

Advertise your goods and services on various free internet classified sites with a link to your site. Go to your suppliers and see if they have a referral page – it’ll be along the lines of “Dealers Near You” or something like that. I hope this tips have helped you get started in search engine marketing, also if in doubt consult with the services of an seo company – they will be happy to assist you. It might take a few months for everything to show up – keep at it and you’ll see your page rise through the rankings. Good luck on your new marketing campaign – now get cracking!

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