Oh What Pain And Confusion. But it Made me Who I am Today. Happy.

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21 Apr 1993 (Written on my birthday when I was 19)

I see a young lady her face dappled with tears,

She stands and stares at what she only hears;

Her arms of peaches and cream

droop alongside,

Her scarlet hands

limp and weak;

Her body

draped in a mattered cloth,

she sways

as if balancing;

I know a young lady once gentle and meek,

I know a young lady now discouraged and bleak.


17 Jun 1993 (a good friend of mine drowned whilst diving, this is for him)

Dear Toshack

Fly my bird. Fly high. Fly away.

But please, sing me one song and drop me one feather;

Then, when you come to rest and you fly no more –

In my heart, you will fly forever.

Rest my bird. But please, rest in peace.


3 Aug 1993

O Lovely one, thrill me with your lancinating dependence,

Thou art susceptible to confession, yet apprehensive –

O Lovely one, with the daunting addiction,

Acquit yourself of your intractable nemesis,

Your cynical facade is sinister to no one but thou –

O Lovely one, escape of your malaise,

For your profundity is of greater design.


22 May 1993

I am a daunting extrovert,

an abominable exuberant;

My platonic desire is boasted in simplicity:

I am the frozen austere periphery –

A catalyst?



9 Aug 1993

Pray love, do not prevaricate concerning your life,

Falsehood of man can only lead to his demise;

Though the truth is easy to deny, one must forge it to answer to reality;

For in balance with honesty – Is corruption.

Pray tell why Love, does your apprehension cease to exist in the most crucial of tempting times,

When the hawk-eye of Nemesis glares down at us?

Love, If Love,

Bid farewell to a lie so true

And indulge into hesitant emotions,

for in balance with this loyalty – This intractable trust.




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