How to Find The Perfect Hello Kitty Background For Your Desktop

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Step 1: Go to the home of hello kitty — — and along the top navigation bar, click on “fun and games,” and then click on “egoodies.” This will bring up the wallpapers section where you can choose from a variety of official Hello Kitty backgrounds.

While you’re there, some other things you can browse for are Hello Kitty paper crafts, Hello Kitty calendars, and also Hello Kitty emoticons. Download them all to help bring Hello Kitty to your desktop and room.

Step 2: Another strategy for finding the best Hello Kitty background is to look for Hello Kitty videos online and take screenshots of scenes you like using the PrintScreen button. You can then paste (Ctrl+V) the picture into a paint program, save it, and use the image as your background.

Step 3: Draw a picture of Hello Kitty, scan it, and use it as your background. It may not be perfect, but maybe you’ll like it better knowing that you’re the one who drew it. An alternative to this is to ask a friend to draw a Hello Kitty background for you. You can remember Hello Kitty and the friend at the same time.

Step 4: Ask a friend if they use a Hello Kitty background they like. Maybe you’ll like it too.

Try all of the techniques and you’re sure to find the perfect Hello Kitty background for your computer.

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