Top News Stories of The Future

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Take a look into your crystal ball and tell us what you see. What will the top news stories be in the next ten years? How about in the next twenty years? Thirty years from now what will be happening in the world? Let’s speculate for a while on what the world will be like when our children are grown. Take a little trip of the imagination using some common sense and trying to be realistic. Anyone can predict crazy things like Alien landings and the end of the world, but it is a lot more challenging to use your imagination along with your brain and imagine the world’s top news stories in some not too distant future.

December 28, 2015: “Scientists Find Cure for Obesity”. This would be one of the top news stories of any year. How would the world benefit from such a discovery? Imagine if science could come up with a pill or medication that would make people lose weight without having to diet or exercise. This medication would help even the most overweight people lose weight gradually until they reached an optimum weight. Life spans would increase dramatically along with quality of life for most individuals. Many people that could not exercise would all of a sudden be able to jog and lift weights. They would become stronger and their newfound weight loss would help to heal their self-image and self esteem. We would see more positivity and people helping others.

March 28, 2030: “United States Replaces Income Tax with Flat Sales Tax”. Because Americans try to avoid paying tax at all costs, we have always been at loggerheads with our own government. This combative relationship is bad for national pride and loyalty. With the elimination of income tax, normally law abiding citizens would no longer have to lie and cheat to preserve more of their hard earned dollars. By replacing it with a flat sales tax the government would reap billions and even trillions more in revenue. Schools would be built and students would get free educations. Roads and bridges and levees would be built and rebuilt. Our aging airports would be replaced with the extra money. Would this qualify as one of the top news stories of all time? You bet and the only people crying would be greedy giant corporations who use loopholes in the tax code to hide money offshore.

June 22, 2045: “Los Angeles Lakers Win Tenth Consecutive Championship”. Okay, this is just one of the top news stories personally for me. But hey, it’s my imagination so why not?

August 12, 2067: “Global Warming Finally Reversed”. After the last of the giant glaciers went calving off into the Antarctic waters in 2060 and the ocean level rose five inches in one year, wiping out many low lying islands and most of Venice, Italy, world leaders got together and began implementing emergency measures in order to stave off another ice age.

These are just some examples. How many top news stories of the future can you think of?


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