Free Web Hosting – Curse or Blessing ?

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My Answer is “Curse”, but I am currently using MS Free Website!!

It is a contradiction, isn’t it?

Don’t use free Web Hosting/Domain Name IF YOU ARE Serious wemaster to create long term professional/businessfrom start.

This article is based on my bitter personal experience with free Web Hosting.

I will talk about Free Microsoft Web Hosting here which many people might not know about. Also Google Free Web Hosting.

When I started Affiliate Internet marketing 9 months ago I did not want to spend any money on web Hosting and Domain Names.

My journey for the search of Free web Hosting is below with some hiccups and catastrophes along the way.

 1. Google Blogger Free Web Hosting

I craeted some Google Blogger sites and is one of them.

I read in forum some people’s Blogger sites are deleted or suspended.

I have not been suspended,but read below. A diaster struck me .

2. Google Free Web Hosting

Then I wanted a multi-page non-blogger site and created Google Free site which is not good looking site as it was created 9 months ago and it has been untouched since.

After 2 months the site was suspended out of the blue without any notice (no Reason).

I emailed them for any reason of the suspension.

Also I asked for lifting of suspension.But NO REPLY.

I checked the term & conditions and I remember that I can use Google Free site for a commercial/business purpose but too many Affiliate links to redirect visitors are not allowed.        

I suspected this is the reason,As time goes by affiliate links increased so I thought Google did not like it.   But to this day I do not know the real reason,

However Google has a separate paid web Hosting service   So If I had upgraded to this, I would not have been suspended.

Today I just checked my suspended Google Free site as it is better to check before I write this article.

Can you believe?   It is working now.   They did not tell me lifting of the suspension.   It seems suspension is lifted!!!

But I know at least 4 or 5 months it was suspended. 

Now that my site evolved, using Microsoft so I will not use any more.      

3. Microsoft Small Business Free web hosting

However, I am determined to not pay web Hosting and Domain name after the suspension of Google Free site.

 was so distressed, but did Google search for free site.

I accidentally found Microsoft Small Business Free web hosting with free site builder.And I created my current site

4. Microsoft Free Blog Web Hosting

At the same time I created a free MS blog site ,but 1 month ago they announced they would close down the blog facility and transfer all existing posts to Can you believe? To free WordPress blog site.

What a catastrophe!!

I completed the transition and my blog is free hosted by WordPress

Today I noticed that Click bank affiliate links are banned from WordPress.   Another hiccup.

Summary of disadvantages

  • Your site is at the mercy of Administration of Free Web Hosting Provider.
  • You do not have a full control of your own site.
  • Your site can be suspended or deleted out of the blue based on their guidelines, though your content is legitimate
  • Your site can be transferred to a different Web Hosting, resulting in losing some contents

Understanding my warnings if you are still interested in click or

Please be aware that I will not be held liable for your any possible financial loss/mental stress, resulting from choosing Free web Hosting Services stated in this article.

I have not been suspended by MS for my current site for 7 months so it seems ok.

But you never know.   I am walking on a thin ice!!!

I feel MS Small Business Free web Site is very good. I am happy so far,

Space max is 500 MB.Now my site used up 3 MB

Knowing that Free Web Hosting is “Curse”, I still use Free MS Web HostingSo I must be an irrational and complicated person!

PS.  I strarted affiliate Internet Marketing part-time 9 months ago.— — —


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