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 I was reading in the paper today about  Sudan  the North and South.  They said only about 15% of the population in the South could read and write.  If you have not heard about what’s going on , because you don’t read the paper or pay attention to such depressing news. The North and the South are in the process of separating. 

The ruling Arab elites in the North, have oppressed, exploited the people of South Sudan. Some of the things said on the news are unimaginable that another human would do to another. I remember a story on (I believe) 60 minutes or NBC regarding the “Boys of Sudan.”  It is years later after that story, and I realize I did not fully understand the extent of the problem of than the wars.

South Sudan In demanding their independence realized a big problem and that being ” if over 70% of the population cannot read and write, ” how are they going to vote? So they came up with pictures, something that we used for our two year old at    home here in the USA. They mark the picture depending if they wanted unity or separation. I found this very sad. When you think about all the women in the world fighting to have rights, and fighting to get respect and recognition in this men’s world. It makes it such a double travesty.  I think that if women ran the world there would not be as many problems as there is today. Problems usually caused by men. War, Control, and Greed running wild with arrogance as if they are in destructible.

That was until serious pressure such as the organization ” Not On Our Watch” started applying pressure. There were other organization, but this one had many famous faces spear heading this fight.

Don Cheadle, George Clooney,  Matt Damon,  Brad Pitt,  David Pressman,  and Jerry Weintraub

When I came across this organization the first time it was Don Cheadle who had caught my attention. I recognized that face. 

People started paying attention. It had the ear marking of trying to push back the ocean, or push back the Levees. If I was going to use the analogy of New Orleans using pumpsand such pushing water out of the city. Picture the North pushing the South back until one day the levees flooded, and millions were affected by this monstrous event. The event being The Day South Sudan decides its time to take back the power. ( Jan 9,2011)

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